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What do you really save with solar?

You can save more money with better solar panels, and you can save more than just money with ZeusSolarPower. Save time, save fossil fuels, save yourself the hassle of grid outages—with ZeusSolarPower solar + storage you don’t have to choose.

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ZeusSolarPower makes going solar safe and simple from the comfort of your home.


ZeusSolarPower Design Studio

Design Studio

Our intuitive ZeusSolarPower Design Studio lets you build your own system online from the safety of your home, so you can see what solar looks like on your roof.


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Want to find your perfect system without leaving home? Set up a free online appointment with one of our solar pros and get in-depth advice without worry.

ZeusSolarPower TV - Better solar, bigger savings

ZeusSolarPower TV

Better solar, bigger savings

Going solar is more practical, reliable and cost effective than ever. Host Matt Muenster explains how going solar with ZeusSolarPower helps homeowners generate their own electricity and maximize their savings.

ZeusSolarPower SunVault Storage

ZeusSolarPower® SunVault™ Storage

Take control of your energy use

SunVault™ Storage integrates with ZeusSolarPower Equinox® solar systems, offering whole home* backup in an outage from the only home solar + storage solution designed and warranted by one company.

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